Why Bali Weddings Are On The Rise

With air travel becoming cheaper and more accessible, an increasing number of couples are tying the knot in offshore exotic locations. Bali has opened its arms to cater to western weddings & as the industry grows so does the quality of service suppliers and Bali wedding venues.

The Bali Wedding Directory has listed the top 6 reasons why Bali weddings are such a growing trend.

The Cost

As the cost of living rises, so does the price tag of weddings. It is estimated that an on average an Australian wedding costs over $45-50,000. That’s more than a deposit for a home!! Destination weddings give people the opportunity to have their dream wedding with all the bells and whistles, usually for less than half the price.

The Time

Traveling for a Bali wedding allows for joining friends and families to spend more quality time together in a holiday environment. It also means that your wedding celebration won’t be confined to a whirlwind-short few hours.

The Weather

Getting married outdoors is always risky business, especially if you live in the colder parts of the world. With a dry season, planning a Bali wedding allows for greater weather predictability.

The Celebration

 With all your guests in holiday mode, everyone will be relaxed and down to party. The stress-free environment will allow for everyone to let their hair down and properly enjoy the event without worrying about work or other commitments.

The Location

Choosing a picturesque location to marry in Bali isn’t a difficult task. Whether you’re on the beach, in the mountains or atop a seaside cliff, you are sure to find a dream location to join hands with your significant other.

The Honeymoon Wedding

Bali weddings allow couples to kill two birds with one stone. Since most of us only get a couple of weeks of annual leave per year, many couples are choosing to marry abroad so that they can take time off work and their busy routines to properly enjoy this very special time in their lives.

Photography by Evermotion