What To Wear To A Bali Wedding? Brides/Maids, Grooms/Men & Guests

Depending on your family traditions, religious customs, and personal style, you may be wondering what attire is best suited to wear to a Bali Wedding. Here, we have listed some useful tips for brides, grooms/men, brides/maids and guests attending a wedding on the ‘Island Of The Gods’.

Ladies first!

Brides & Bridesmaids 

Let’s start by highlighting, brides, ‘it is your wedding day and that means you can wear whatever you want’. It is important tho, to keep in mind that Bali has a tropical climate and naturally your body may swell a little in this foreign heat (sorry). Take this into consideration when choosing ‘the dress’. If your wedding dress has a corset or any built-in contouring element, ensure this component is adjustable and your bridesmaids are well-rehearsed in loosening this before the ceremony takes place. As wedding trends transition from traditional to boho to elegant, choose a dress that fits comfortably on your body shape and has room for air circulation. If you come from a cooler climate and can afford to take some ‘extra time off’ in Bali, try to arrive 1-2 weeks prior to the wedding. During this time, your skin and body will have a chance to acclimatise to the tropics. This pre-wedding time in Bali may also provide a good opportunity to meet with your wedding planner, celebrant, and other suppliers to finalise your desired needs for the ‘big day’. When choosing outfits for your bridesmaids, you may want to consider a fabric that is breathable and flowy, allowing air to circulate underneath. Breathable fabric will assist in avoiding overheating and additional perspiration. If the bridesmaid attire is tight-fitting, you may want to put together a personal care kit for them to use throughout the day with electrolytes, an antiperspirant spray, and oil-absorbing sheets to preserve their makeup. 

Groom & Groomsmen

We should also mention that it is your wedding day and you can wear whatever you want, although your ‘bride to be’ has most likely guided your preferences in this department. We can’t help it girls, it is in our nature. As long as you acknowledge his preferences and sprinkle these in, you have mastered the art of a healthy marriage. 

We also recommend that the groom and groomsmen wear attire that allows for them to be comfortable in a hot tropical climate. Heat-resistant fabrics such as linen and cotton will help keep the boys cooler and dryer on the day. If the Bali wedding is a formal affair, and the boys are required to wear suit jackets, you should consider buying additional shirts for them to change into before the reception starts. This may be an unwanted cost on top of your budget but just picture ‘the first dance’ as man and wife (in your beautiful dress), pressed up against a sweat-drenched hubby (yuck). With Bali’s relaxed nature and tropical backdrops, many grooms opt for the ‘island dapper look’ AKA ‘European Chic’. This consists of a looser fitting shirt, ¾ length pants or shorts in a light camel, grey or blue, with a matching belt and boat shoes. If the groom and his groomsmen do decide to wear a shorter pant, ensure they have invisible socks to avoid any ‘peek a boo’ hosiery. Accessories such as suspenders, hats and bow ties can be added to dress up or personalise the look. 

Wedding Guests 

Depending on the dress code of the event, we suggest following the light-light rule. Lighter colored clothing in a lightweight fabric. This will help in avoiding heat absorption and provide added comfort for the proceedings of the day. Unless the couple has requested an all-white event, ladies should avoid wearing any garments in cream, white or ivory. Even if the bride has a laid back personality, other attending guests will be conscious of this wedding etiquette and disapprove. It is important for the couple to notify their wedding guests of the ground surface of the event, especially if the reception or ceremony is being held on a sandy beach or a grassy lawn. Wedges, chunky heels or elegant flat shoes are recommended for events being held on the grass in a villa or garden setting. If you decide to wear stilettos, consider investing in a silicone cap to attach to the heel and opting for a shoe with ankle straps. This will help protect your feet from sinking and provide added support. If you are a guest attending a Bali wedding and not staying within the venue, you may want to bring a spare pair of comfortable shoes and an extra layer to put on if the temperature drops at night. Couples should also notify their guests if the venue has a swimming pool and advise them to bring a towel along. If you don't bring swimwear, a long night on the dancefloor may encourage a pool party so be prepared to jump in fully clothed. We give you permission to push everyone in the pool :)

If you are getting married in Bali or are a guest attending a Bali wedding, feel free to contact us for free advice on where to stay, what to do and who to hire. We would love to hear from you. 

Image by Alma Photography