The Importance Of Bali Wedding Coordinators

All venues in Bali require a Bali Wedding Coordinator to organize the suppliers and guests on the day. It is their job to ensure the bride and groom’s celebration runs as smooth as possible and that all vendors arrive on time, with the correct goods and/or services, and are where they are supposed to be at all times.

It is important for the couple to update their Bali wedding coordinator or planner with the names and contact details of all suppliers attending the event, as well as the goods and/or services they will be provided as they are booked. The wedding coordinator will work together with the couple to create a running sheet of the day.  The running sheet will list the couple’s desired times of proceedings before and during the ceremony and reception. The wedding coordinator and their team will ensure everything will happen when it is supposed to so that the bride and groom can relax and enjoy their special day.  

Bali has an abundance of picturesque wedding locations and venues to choose from. If the couple has chosen to marry in a resort or a venue that provides wedding packages, a wedding coordinator may be provided as part of the packaged deal. The Bali Wedding Directory strongly recommend couples attend one pre-wedding meeting, held at the venue prior to the event. The couple and their bridal party will be run through a ceremonial rehearsal with the wedding coordinator. Various Bali wedding suppliers may be invited to attend this pre-wedding meeting with the couple and their coordinator to finalize all equipment and details needed to create the perfect wedding celebration.

Image from Harper Co Events