How to Choose A Bali Wedding Venue

How to Choose A Bali Wedding Venue

Shortlisting Bali wedding venues is no easy task. With an abundance of natural backdrops and stunning venues. In this article, we have listed 5 important things to consider when choosing a dream wedding venue in Bali.

Pick A Backdrop
What setting do you picture as you walk down the aisle? Beachfront, garden, pool, jungle, rice field, clifftop, take your pick. Bali and its surrounding islands offer an array of beautiful backdrops and venues to host wedding ceremonies and receptions. Most wedding venues in Bali have a number of spaces within the complex, available to set up a wedding ceremony and reception. When shortlisting venues for your Bali wedding, you may want to ask what spaces within the complex allow for ceremony setups and if they can provide images of previous weddings within the spaces available. Real Wedding Inspiration is gold and will assist in providing a real look at how a space can be used.

Event & Barjar Fees
Most Bali wedding villas and venues will charge an event fee to host a party. The price may also vary depending on the time of year your getting married and the number of guests attending the event. In addition to this, there may be a Banjar (local community) fee applicable to your booking. Banjar fees are distributed to the local community and are compulsory to many villas and venues, depending on the location. Ensure you consider the event and Banjar fees applicable to your chosen venue when setting a budget for your Bali wedding.

All Bali wedding venues will have a caped number of guests that can be hosted within the complex. When shortlisting Bali wedding venues, be sure to enquire about the maximum number of guests and the flexibility of guest capacity. 

Guest Accommodation
When selecting a Bali wedding venue you may want to consider where your friends and family can stay nearby. If your wedding venue is located in a remote location away from neighbouring hotels and villas, you may want to arrange a bus or transport pickup from a central location like the main street in Seminyak or Canggu. If you want to keep your Bali wedding guests close or together, feel free to contact our friendly team for recommendations on hotels that can provide large group bookings.

Event Planner 
Many villas and venues in Bali have rules and regulations surrounding external companies operating within their complexes. This includes wedding planners and suppliers. Before putting a deposit down for a wedding planner or coordinator, you should confirm if your planner and suppliers are licensed to work within the venue you have selected. If you haven’t picked a Bali wedding planner, then we recommend contacting your chosen venue for a list of their preferred partners.

With the Bali wedding industry growing every year, we recommend putting a deposit down for your selected venue prior to setting a date as many villas and hotels have limited availability.

Image by Evermotion Photography