How To Choose A Bali Wedding Photographer

With so many Bali brides asking the question, we have listed some important things to consider when selecting a photographer for your Bali wedding or event. 

Work With A Reputable Company!!!!!!!!!

There is an absolute abundance of amazingly talented, world-class wedding photographers and videographers working in Bali. If you are getting married in Bali we highly recommend booking a company with a good reputation and a proven track record of producing quality images. With the availability of images online, unfortunately, there have been photographers displaying other businesses work on their website and social media pages. To avoid booking a dodgy company, we encourage couples source Bali wedding photographers from a trusted site such as The Bali Wedding Directory or selecting a company recommended by your wedding planner.

Communication Is Key!

Be sure to note the quality of communication and response time taken to reply to your initial emails and enquiries. If the company is slow to respond to a potential client then you can imagine they won’t be any better after you put down a deposit. It is also important that the company you decide to work with understands exactly what you want them to provide and realise your expectations of their work. Communication is so important when planning a destination wedding so be sure you work with a company that understands your needs as well as offering quality customer service. 

Examine Images Of Previous Work

Like most artists, photographers have a preferred style of editing and shooting weddings. When sourcing Bali wedding photographers, look at their Instagram feeds and websites to gain access to a portfolio of their work. The pictures published on these platforms are chosen to market their businesses and will represent examples of their best work. Asses continuity in the quality of images, from one wedding to another and if you like the majority of images displaying their most recent work (10 recent weddings shot) then you can expect the same quality of images for your Bali wedding. 

Package Bali Wedding Photography With Videography 

Packaging Bali wedding photography and videography might save you some $ depending on the company you work with. Most photographers/videographers will want your business, so should you require both of these services, there is no harm in asking for a special rate. You have nothing to lose by asking the question ;) The other benefit of hiring the same company to do both photography and videography for your Bali wedding is that their team has experience working together and can edit your images and video to tell the same story. There are however separate videography and photography companies who work together frequently and often team up for weddings and events. If you decide on a photography company that does not offer videography, then we recommend asking them who they prefer to work with and consider booking them for your Bali wedding. 

For a list of the best photographers and videographers in Bali, head to our directory. To gain FREE quotes or chat with any suppliers list in The Bali Wedding Directory, use the inquiry form on supplier profile pages to get the ball rolling. 

Image by Axioo Bali