Creating A Destination Wedding Website For Your Bali Wedding

Creating A Destination Wedding Website For Your Bali Wedding

Yay! You are engaged and are now eagerly planning your Bali destination wedding!  Perhaps Bali is a place you have visited before and it holds a special place in your heart.  Or maybe you have simply always dreamt of a tropical warm evening ceremony by the ocean. Whatever the reason, there is something so magical about jetting away to proclaim your love in a paradise of colour, culture, and experiences.  

In today’s digital age, many couples opt to create a wedding website as a creative and practical tool to inform guests and keep them brilliantly organised. There are a number of non-negotiable elements to an exceptional destination wedding website and if you get them right, they can help make your dream a stunning reality. Here we have listed a few to get you started ;)


The Essentials

Of course, the website must include all the essential details like the ceremony date and time, ceremony location, dress code etc.  The beauty of having a wedding website is that you can keep the paper invite quite simple and direct your guests to the website for more detailed information.

Répondez S'il Vous Plaît

An RSVP section is a brilliant element for you and your guests.  It is super simple for them to RSVP with a few mouse clicks and you can easily keep track and chase any late responders.

Everyone Loves A Love Story

The website is the perfect opportunity to share the story of how you met, why you fell in love and the details of the proposal.  You can also introduce your wedding party as they will be an integral part of the festivities. These personal touches will add a passionate element to the website and will inspire guests to say yes to your invitation.  

Timing Is Everything

The sooner you send out invitations and your wedding website link, the better.  It is only fair to give your guests as much time as possible to consider the invitation, RSVP, make travel arrangements, book annual leave, save enough money, plan their wedding outfit, etc.

It's All In The Detail

Your Bali wedding website needs to be detailed, comprehensive and accurate. The guests attending will appreciate information regarding:Travel agent recommendations, best flight times, airport to accommodation transport options, different accommodation options childminding services (if you decide to invite families with little ones), hair and make-up, vendor recommendations for guests who may want to pamper themselves for your special day, things to do in Bali before and after the wedding (some may choose to stay and also have a holiday), different restaurant and cafe recommendations. You will most probably have all of this information anyway (because you are a research rockstar!) and it is a way to show your guests how honoured you are that they are sojourning to Bali, just for you!

Digital pointers

Use as many digital links as possible to help your guests with their planning - Google Maps, websites, contact pages with phone numbers and email addresses, social media platforms of the places/people you recommend. If there is a link, share it.

Keep to a schedule

Providing a specific timeline of the wedding celebrations is a fun way to keep your guests informed and helps build anticipation. Most destination weddings have a number of activities planned like night-before drinks, a day-of breakfast, and a day-after brunch. Your guests will need to know these details so that they can organise their arrival and departure plans accordingly.

Be educated

Your website should share information about the traditional customs and etiquette of Indonesia such as communications/greetings, dress code on the beach versus in a temple, religious considerations, local currency, the local language, bartering, and tipping, just to name a few. You can also inform your guests about the expected temperatures - with Bali being a tropical climate, the most obvious detail to share is whether to expect humidity and rain or dry hot heat!

A picture is worth a thousand words

Bali is renowned for its ethereal connection with mother nature and gives credence to its unofficial name - ‘Island Of The Gods’.  Share images of where you will be getting married in Bali so your guests can start daydreaming - the reality is some or many of your guests will be traveling to Bali for the first time and being a part of your nuptials will be an unforgettable lifetime experience.

There is so much to consider when planning a Bali destination wedding and creating a gorgeous and information-packed website will make your guests feel excited, super special, inspired and it will most certainly get their hearts a-fluttering!