Ancient Rituals Of Rain Men

As the wedding industry in Bali grows, there has been an increase of interest in the old Balinese practice of rain control.

Rain men offer a specialised service, performing a ritual to hold off rain over areas holding an outdoor event. While some debate its effectiveness, many local people swear by the power of this ancient practice.
With a wet and dry season in Bali, many couples opt to wed between the wettest part of the year and the hottest. It has been reported that in 2003, luxury hotels hosting U.N officials traveling to Bali for a conference on climate change, used the services of Made Resan, a rain man hired to protect the area from harm and rain. Although weather predictability is greater in tropical environments, with rains falling during the early morning and late afternoon, many wedding villas and venues insist on hiring a rain man to clear the sky.
An alternative to adopting the help of a rain man during the rainy season would be to hire a backup marquee or incorporating one into your wedding décor. Speak with your decorator and venue about options to eliminate your chances of a wet wedding.