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Bali Wedding Locations
July 20 2018

With so many beautiful wedding venues splashed across Bali & Lombok, it can be a tough decision selecting the perfect location for your...

Why Bali Weddings Are On The Rise
June 27 2018

With air travel becoming cheaper and more accessible, an increasing number of couples are tying the knot in offshore exotic locations. Bali has opene...

What To Wear To A Bali Wedding? Brides/Maids, Grooms/Men & Guests
May 28 2018

Depending on your family traditions, religious customs, and personal style, you may be wondering what attire is best suited to wear to a Bali Wedding...

The Boogaloo: Bar Catering For Your Bali Wedding
May 22 2018

The Boogaloo...Well, the name says it all. Right? There’s an instant vision of a balmy night party, filled with delectable, tropical cocktails ...

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Bali Event Hire Showroom
May 04 2018

Getting Married in Bali? Visit Bali Event Hire's elegant showroom, displaying the latest trends & items in Bali wedding furniture & design.&n...

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Planning A Hens Or Bucks Party In Bali?
March 02 2018

Whether you are getting married in Bali or keen for an EPIC send off into married life, we highly recommend planning a Hens or Bucks party on ‘...