The Boogaloo: Bar Catering For Your Bali Wedding

The Boogaloo...Well, the name says it all. Right?

There’s an instant vision of a balmy night party, filled with delectable, tropical cocktails served by convivial waiters. Exciting chatter & the passionate rhythm of the trumpet & the conga command what would otherwise be a still night. All the while, colorful figures twirl around the dance floor, one & all sharing in exhilarating energy & having a night that will never be forgotten.

Needless to say, it’s a no brainer on why an alcohol delivery & bar catering service would choose such an engaging name. And the masks on their logo? Well, they just make us want to kick up our heels!

This week we chat with island beauty Fesi & her handsome business partner, Arfi - the savvy entrepreneur duo behind The Boogaloo Bali to find out how the reputable bar service came to be…

Fesi & Arfi both have backgrounds in working within different areas of nightlife & event production, so when the opportunity came up for them to work in a small space at a beachfront project in Sanur, they jumped on it. They decided to create a small beach bar that would bring together their business minds & mixology experience, truly putting their skills to the test.

Fesi laughs as she fondly relives the times.

“It was a fun learning experience for both of us as we were able to get more hands-on with everything - & that’s how The Boogaloo was born!”

The bar catering came next. Initially, friends of the fresh-faced duo started asking them for help with organizing the bars at events they were hosting.

“We would help them from start to finish with everything on the bar side of things & because we were having fun doing it, we decided to just keep it going & offer the catering service & personal bartenders to everyone looking for a good party. The personal bartenders, along with our funky bar set up, have become a favorite for villa parties & weddings. Guests get to come & relax while their personal bartender makes their favorite cocktail. It’s pretty cool!”

But for those of you that didn’t know, The Boogaloo Bali is now Bali’s number one 24 hour alcohol delivery service - hallelujah! We ask Fesi & Arfi if they always meant to do alcohol delivery, to which they replied;

“Doing events is our background. We started off making parties & even The Boogaloo Beach Bar started off as a weekend thing. It became really successful in Sanur so we decided to open it daily & the alcohol delivery just seemed like the way to go. When alcohol runs out at a party it blows, so we wanted to fix that problem for all the party people & make it easy to order. Alcohol delivery is just our way of solving everyone’s problems.”

So besides villa parties & weddings, what are some other events The Boogaloo Bali has catered for? Well, their team not only recently catered for the Yak Awards, but they also work with Bali famed venues such as Ling Lings, Hacienda, The Gili Air Festival & many more prestigious venues on the “Island Of The Gods’ & surrounding islands.

Finishing up with the charismatic duo, we ask them to tell us about one of their funniest experiences in the business so far. Arfi laughs & recounts an icy dilemma from their early days.

“While catering for an unexpectedly big event in Gili (Air), our team had to go around the island on a horse carriage at 4 am, door knocking on every warung & shop door to hunt for ice, because all the ice ran out!”  

While running out of ice on a 28-degree night at an island party might seem like a disaster for some, it was nothing but a small hurdle that was quickly overcome for Fesi & Arfi. Years later, they have overcome many more hurdles & are now both young entrepreneurs, running not only The Boogaloo Bali multiple other top entertainment and events companies in Bali.

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