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Entertaining from the tender age of 5 years old, Eva Scolaro is no stranger to the stage. She first moved to Bali to be with a man, pursuing her passion for singing and lighting up rooms with her hauntingly sexy, jazzy voice. Over the years this young musician turned entrepreneur has taken on the Bali Entertainment Industry, representing not only her band but over 200 talented artists.

We sit down with Eva Scolaro to learn more about her Bali Entertainment Agency, Eva Scolaro Entertainment, the #1 talent house in Bali. 

Q&A With Eva 
What inspired you to become a performer? And, where do your main talents lie?
I’ve been performing since I was 3 years old. My focus is singing and I adore Jazz, and recently a 90s house music set.
At what point in your career did you decide that you would like to manage other performers? Tell us a little bit about this exciting move.
It started after I was made redundant from my accounting job on Collins Street Melbourne. My now husband sent me a message on FB. We were friends from Perth. We both grew up there. I moved to Bali after 3 months and did not find work in accounting or private banking (a definite blessing! )My partner encouraged me to do what I loved, so I started singing again for at a small café. They paid me in pasta and a glass of wine which seemed good enough at the time! I was content since I hadn’t performed in 6 years formally. 
 One night I was performing in Seminyak – for pasta & wine again, and a guest asked me to sing at their wedding. Word got out and soon my band & I were booked out! We were very busy. I recall now month we had 21 shows. At that moment I started seeking other bands to fill when I couldn’t play. I felt bad simply saying no and walking away. I always aimed to assist the client get what they needed, and still do. 
  It dawned on me, that I had over 20 musicians and artists in my phonebook. I changed my website from being about me to my agency the web address remains the same www.evascolaro.com. The feeling was much more rewarding booking other talented artists. 2 years officially now & we have over 200 talent. Offering full production of sound, lighting, stage, traditional Bali dance, drag queens, midgets. You name it – we got it! The agency is supported by my full-time team of 5 staff at our 2 storey Head Office & studio. With each event having an on-site manager all day to support you at the event &/or your event organizer. It is my pride and joy and my staff are a direct reflection of me. It’s been an organic growth period from the ground up for my agency. I couldn’t be more proud of my team and the personalized service we deliver. See our latest showreel here >>> https://youtu.be/oIlBpOIjQPQ 
What brought you to the island of the gods (Bali)?  
My handsome husband! FB is a wonderful creation to link people together and for us, it was a very fortunate meeting through friends in Perth and reconnecting a year later online.
 What do you love about the island and the wedding industry in Bali?  
It’s a transient island and everyone is in holiday mode. Which is always a good vibe! We further illuminate this vibe providing entertainment that matches perfectly with our client's needs and personalities. It’s the best seeing the event come to life and full of energy from the entertainment & production. It makes the event simply unforgettable.
How important is it for couples to source quality entertainment for their guests?
And do you work closely with all of your bands and entertainers to ensure your customers receive the best performers for their events? We are beyond hands-on. Id say, hands down, we are the most personalized service on the island. I know that’s a big statement, but I encourage people to contact us and experience our quality service of entertainers as well as production. 
Tell us a little bit about the Eva Scolaro Entertainment agency and the services you offer?
The list is endless! We have the largest book of talent to choose from for any occasion. The talent book ranges from traditional Bali performance, live bands, elegant string ensembles to belly dancers, drag queens stilt walkers, MC, Celebrants, choirs, magicians, bar flaring and much, much more! What is vital to understand is knowing a brilliant artist is nothing with matching production. For this reason, our standards are holistic throughout the agency. Our sound, lighting and stage team has worked with the best artists in the world from clean bandit and Khalid. That said, we offer the same brilliant standard of work to meet your budget. No event is too big or small. To finish the entertainment circle we offer KITAS (working visa) for foreign artists to live and work legally in Indonesia.
What are some of your favorite trending acts and performance options available for couples planning a Bali wedding?
I think if a couple has chosen Bali they must appeal to some form of the Balinese culture. For this reason, I suggest a traditional style acts: fire dance, Kecak (clapping performance), Bali dance, Gamelan instrument (the music you hear in Denpasar Airport) and the traditional Bali wedding procession is stunning.
Do you have any advice for future Bali brides and grooms?
Three points. Just because you booking your event overseas make sure you are still getting the service you would expect at home. “Island Time” might be a vibe in Bali but ensure you are getting professional service you deserve. If it feels wrong it probably is! I would expect nothing less for myself when I make a booking, and I expect the same for my valued clients…. THE BEST!
The fewer people involved the better. I suggest streamlining your planning, for example: food/drink/tables/decorations from one planner. Then entertainment/sound/lighting/stage/dance floor from one company. It requires less communication and confusion between businesses and gives you a direct point of contact. Plus you will save on any international transfer fees as you will have only one or two invoices to transfer at most.
Lastly, always research your providers as there are many scammers pretending to be planners that are not! Bali is renowned for scammers.
Finally, what's next for your booming business and what can we look forward to seeing from Eva Scolaro Entertainment this year?
This year we start our advertising campaign across Australia and Indonesia. We are hoping to expand our reach so everyone can enjoy a flawless event experience and professional service. Currently, we have no advertising it’s all word of mouth and we are very proud of our reputation thus far. Our door I always open to anyone who wants to contact us direct - any time. The next step for us is ensuring we maintain our 5-star reputation. I feel this is how we truly measure our success, from the voice of our clients.

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