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Based in Bali - the island of the gods, Evermotion Photography offers world-class Bali Wedding Photography at its best. With head photographer & founder Adi Suryadi & his colleagues Arim & Budi, along with Adi’s savvy business partner & supportive wife, Ani, Evermotion Photography are a team of truly talented image collectors, who have quickly built a name for themselves as industry leaders in Bali & internationally. In this article, we get ‘Close Up’ with Adi & Ani of Evermotion.

Evermotion Photography was founded in late 2012, but for Adi, the passion for photography was established well before its foundation… 

When Adi first met Ani, her father passed on an old manual & Polaroid camera to the now happily married couple. With a keen interest in learning about photography, they used these cameras to begin dabbling in the art ‘behind the lens’. Within a few months, the couple invested in their very own professional DSLR Camera, capturing everything they saw, from landscapes to events & of course, human interest photography. The hobby turned to a profession when Adi was asked to capture his sister's wedding, followed by his best friend's wedding. Before long, word of his talents spread & Adi found himself working with friends & others in the same field, learning more & more each day. Many happy clients later, Adi not only had an impressive & growing folio, but he had also gathered an incredible amount of knowledge & experience. 

We ask Adi, why photography? 

“Firstly, because it is classic. It is a beautiful art form that has been & will be with us for a long time. Secondly, because pictures speak a million words.”

He believes that these two reasons inspire most photographers to do what they do, but it inspires them all differently.

Adi Suryadi is a professional storyteller, who loves capturing beautiful images using natural lighting & candid moments, seizing emotions to create precious memories that accentuate the natural beauty of everyone & everything he photographs.

For Adi, weddings are a time of gathered emotions. There is the happiness of both the Bride & Groom as they unite to become one, the emotional moments between the Bride & her mother, the love captured from a father & daughter dance & of course, the fun & crazy moments captured between friends & family. He believes that it is a memorable honor to be involved in a couple’s wedding day.

We asked Adi what he loved most about weddings, to which he humbly answered;

“There are a lot of great moments at weddings, but I really love speeches by friends & family members. I gain marriage advice, particularly from the older speakers, & I also learn & collect wonderful information about the couple from the speeches.”

When asked if there are any moments as a wedding photographer that stands out, he tells a story about a groom who performed a magic trick during the exchanging of the vows.

“It was not an everyday scene. Before the groom presented the ring a flare of fire shot out from his hand! Everyone, including the Priest, had a look of shock over their faces!”

While Adi floats amidst the magic tricks & happy couples, you might wonder, how does his other half-fit into the Evermotion equation? Well, as the famous saying goes, behind every great man there’s a great woman & this case is no exception. Behind every warm email & every answer to a couple’s wedding day questions, is Ani, managing the business end of Evermotion & keeping all the pieces together. While most couples would refrain from working together, a business relationship appears to have flowed seamlessly for this husband & wife team.

“We are both family orientated people. What we both have in mind for our family is togetherness & this is one of the many reasons that we decided to build Evermotion together, starting as a home business.”

So what does the future hold for Evermotion? 

Well, while Adi & Ani are content with Evermotion Photography & its success, they have noticed an increasing demand for wedding photography & videography to come from the one business, or supplier, for a couple on their wedding day. In the near future, Evermotion will be expanding to offer both Wedding Photography & Videography by collaborating with a talented Wedding Videographer that will further complement Evermotion’s photography style.

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