Bali Wedding Colour Design

When choosing a color palette for your Bali wedding, it is important to create a sense of balance to set the mood for the event.  It should reflect you and your partner's personality & style but also work with the natural environment or setting. 

From the first point of invitations to perhaps a signature cocktail, the colors should flow through all elements of the day. From dresses and suits to flowers, decorations, cake, ceremony & reception table settings, continuity of color will create a beautiful harmony for your Bali wedding.

You may want to keep the décor simple and classy using natural or neutral tones. Think linens, timber, wicker chairs to add texture, or glass to not distract from a beautiful natural setting. 
Colors such as whites, greys, creams, light pinks and beiges will look beautiful in any setting and give a relaxed & romantic feel. Choose a color scheme of no more than three colors and perhaps a metallic color such as gold, silver or copper to accessorize. Having too many colors will confuse the decor and eliminate a sophisticated look. Complimentary colors work best in a color scheme and so are pleasing to the eye. These are opposites on the color wheel such as red and green, orange and blue, yellow and purple. They can be used in varying tones and strengths that look smart together.  For example, your bridesmaid dresses may be pastel blue and their flowers could have a pop of orange in the arrangement. Apricot and peach are pastels of orange so they too would work in a blue-toned palette.  If you are struggling to find two colors that work well together, try using various shades of one color. 

Vibrant colors add drama where soft or muted colors and pastels evoke a more romantic atmosphere. Red, yellow and orange are considered warm colors where blues and greens, for example, are cool. Talk to your Decor provider and florist about creating a stylish look with your chosen colors. 

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